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Quality music…

Would Hitchcock’s film “Psycho” have been so scary without Bernard Hermann’s music? Probably not… Because music easily arouses emotions, because it speaks to our unconscious even before one has time to analyze the images.

We, at Adonys 5-1, are therefore convinced that quality music, that’s got character is crucial to the success of your images.

Our catalog may not be as large as some of our competitors, yet, chances are you will find many treasures often at more affordable prices.

… available in 5.1 surround…

Most of our catalog is available in stereo and in 5.1 surround. More info about 5.1 here.

… and in a variety of versions.

Most of the tracks are available in alternate versions: jingles, underscore… (find out more by clicking on “+ 2″ to the right of each track in the audio section of the site).

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The Artist Collection

Because we believe in the potential of certain bands and artists, we wanted to complete our catalog of musical illustration with a selection of their music. Songs, rock and instrumental music, the choice is yours!

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Terms and conditions of use:

All rights of the owners of the sound recordings, musical works and performers reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcast, cable transmission, copying and distribution prohibited.

To use our music, a license must be obtained from ADONYS 5-1 (see picture below) or from its local representative (see worldwide agents).

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