Clément Bosio


Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Clément Bosio started music with the guitar in a contemporary music school. Four years later, he went on with learning drums and kept on with perfecting this skill. He simultaneously started playing keyboards and bass to be as complete as possible. The integration and creation of several bands of various styles (pop rock, funk, progressive rock, hip hop, trip hop, electro…) allowed him to acquire skills in a lot of different fields: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, chorus, beat box, drum machine… Just about everything! Then, he started composing for ADONYS 5-1. His first two albums are “Fantasy” and a hip hop album, which is about to come out.

His musical influences : progressive rock (Pink Floyd), trip hop (Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba, Archive, EZ3kiel), electro (Daft Punk, Kavinsky ), funk and acid jazz (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Keziah Jones and Jamiroquai), romantic classical (Chopin, Debussy), rock (Led Zeppelin), pop and pop rock (The Beatles, U2, Muse, Police and Sting, Queen ) and film musics…

What can be found in his music : a mix of a wide variety of influences! A cinematic and mixed music, with a modern and post-romantic atmosphere. His compositions often invite us to travel and daydream. Sometimes airy, sometimes lively, both luminous and melancholic, those tracks are here to tell stories or to enhance yours!

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