Bergame Periaux and Yann Brossier


Open to different musical styles, acoustic, electronic, orchestral and classical music, voice and sound design, Bergame Periaux devotes himself to a new form of spatial writing in multichannels.

After having discovered 5.1 and multichannel radio documentaries, Bergame decides to explore and promote this new way of writing and musical genre. Since then, he has devoted himself to music in 5.1 format, mainly for films but also for scenography, entertainment, HDTV channels, radio, acousmatic music. He regularly switches jobs from sound engineer to composer.

Yann Brossier : “From a very young age, I spend my time drawing while listening to music, my two budding passions.

Then, one day, my parents took me along to a Michel Jonaz concert. I don’t recall Jonaz singing, but one thing for sure is that his drummer hit my heart and soul. From then on, all my income is used to buy my drum set, element by element. I rehearse hours and days on end, alone or in a band, play in concerts and spend hours in the studio to record demos. I eat, drink and sleep drums…”

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Slide Bergame Periaux et Yann Brossier - compositeurs /composers Adonys 5-1
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