5.1 surround

5.1 surround

Illustration musicale en 5.1 surroundOur team works in 5.1 surround since 1999. This format is used in feature films, documentaries, advertisements broadcasted in cinemas and on HDTV channels. There is therefore an increasing demand for musical illustration in 5.1 surround.

The 5.1 surround mixes use the spacialization of sounds and instruments to immerse the listener in a universe of sound in 3D.

Discrete files:

For any synch in films, series, documentaries, add, etc., you will need to mix music with dialogs, comments, FX. We provide discrete files in WAV 48KHz 24bits interleaved (a single file containing the 6 channels).

They are downloadable from this website.

Center channel:

The center channel is usually reserved for comments and dialogs. Therfore, most of our 5.1 mixes do not use this center channel.


The license fee for a music is the same whether you use a stereo mix, a 5.1 mix or both.